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Time Off or Time Out?

I went on a vacation last week, but I didn't take any time off. I relaxed and tried hard not to think about work for two straight days. 

In essence, I took time out, but not time off. 

Time out means you're taking a breather, refueling and getting ready for what's next. Your head is still in the game. You're not entirely disconnected. 

Time off means you shut down. You're out of it. You're done. Like a light switch, everything is dark when it's in the off position. 

For entrepreneurs, it's truly tough to take time off. Time out may be our best bet. 

Or, for those of us who love our jobs, who are deeply committed to the work we're doing, who feel like we're making a positive impact on the world - time out is healthy, can help us re-engage at work more strongly, and can better those around us. 

So don't worry about time off. That kind of separation may not be advantageous. 

But do take time out. It'll do a body - and business - good.

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