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Watch Where You Stand

Sometimes, decisions you make for yourself, your family, or your company will place you on one side of history. 

The choices you're making may seem small or inconsequential, but I think the world and fate will prove otherwise. 

At times, you'll know that you're making a stand because you're painting signs, marching in a parade, signing a petition, or rallying the troops.

And if you think that if you're not going that far, so you must not be making a stand, think again. Not taking a side is taking a side. Not making a statement is making a statement. Not taking a stand is taking a stand. 

We're all taking stands every day with what we buy, where we eat, who we hire, what we promote, and how we spend our time.

So take a quick look and audit your recent choices. Those decisions reflect the stands you're taking.

Where do you stand?

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