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Web 2.0-y

Yesterday, I used 'Web 2.0' as an adjective. I was speaking with a friend about this new site and I said, “It looks very Web 2.0-y.”

My word choice was immediately called into question.

What is the proper adjective here? Web 2.0-esque? Web 2.0-ish? When a new word is coined, if it is legit and sticks, then its can be used as different parts of speech (like how Google is both a noun and a verb). Or, the world can really be full of hype and decent people don’t even want to say it (himbo, mouse potato). So, what’s the deal with Web 2.0?

Basecamp, a task management interface, recently asked its users to define Web 2.0. Some of my favorites are:

“Mostly hype.”
“Flickr, Basecamp etc.”
“People who know how to use Photoshop ;-). For me its interconnectivity between online services. (RSS, Tagging, etc.)”
“A world free of its dependence on all things Microsoft! ;-)”
“user generated content. real time site upadating. Modular sites.”

And the list goes on. I don’t have the qualifications to make a definite pronouncement of what Web 2.0 is , but I do know that this site looks and works differently than this site. Here’s a link to a Flickr photostream where some designers have 2.0-ed some 1.0 logos. My favorite is Shell.

But it has to be more than sweet logos with a little flare. The new web is about connecting people with people and ideas. MySpace, Facebook, blogs, social networking sites, web based applications, saving things to servers in remote locations, the ability for me to read about the lives of Israeli mothers as they type about their experiences in real time – all of this is powerful because people are being connected with people and their stories.

For the better part of the last 4 months, I’ve been working on a dream, and within the next week, this dream will become a reality. I believe in the ability of people to do good, and I believe that when you get a lot of people doing a lot of good things, revolution can happen. Come along for the journey:

CoolPeopleCare shows you how to leverage your world to change worlds. Give us five minutes and you'll see positive change in yourself, your community, and communities half a world away. Here’s how:

- 5 Minutes of Caring is a 99-word, daily suggestion full of practical tips and helpful hints designed to motivate individuals to act. Loaded with links to change agents and charitable organizations, this brief distraction from your daily routine will soon become part of it. Here’s an example:

You’ve heard about it and have maybe even eaten at its namesake, but the rainforest is such an integral part of our world. Now, helping to save it has never been easier (and you don’t have to get up). In five minutes today, you can send an e-card to raise awareness, click on some icons to raise money, read about changes you can make at home to save the forests abroad, donate money, follow more links to learning, book a trip to the rainforest, and even save 35 square feet of rainforest for free. Don’t sit there – start clicking!

- More Time On Your Hands? is for those of us who need the inspiration of a good example. These accounts are true-life stories of people like you who dared to make a difference. Taken from their real-life experiences, these daredevils provide you with a list of the materials, money, time, effort and inspiration required to make a difference.

- Act Locally is a city-specific calendar of happenings and opportunities for those of us who want to make a difference where we live. Searchable listings include everything from volunteering to benefit concerts to charity dinners to awareness rallies.

Because there's no such thing as not enough time.

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