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What Christmas Means

While some would say this time of year is only about a baby born in a manger or a jolly man flinging presents, I think there's more to this holiday. I think the Christmas season shows us something about ourselves, our fellow humans, and what we can accomplish together.

Christmas means that new things can happen when we least expect it.
Christmas means that we have within us the capability to do something nice for someone else.

Christmas means that deep in our core we long for human connection more than we long for anything else.
Christmas means that a year's worth of mistakes and downs can be replaced by hope, optimism, and the chance to do better next year.
Christmas means that we're all getting better, one step at a time.
Christmas means that we have the ability to warm each other, no matter how cold the world may seem.
Christmas means that each of us can do what it takes to make someone else happy, making ourselves a little bit happier in the process.
Christmas means that we're part of a story bigger than ourselves, a story that has been going on for quite some time and will continue to be told long after we're gone.
Christmas means that babies and children have a lot to teach us.
Christmas means that expectation is important.
Christmas means that story and belief are central to our function as humans.
Christmas means that it gets better.
Christmas means that together, we're much better than we are apart.

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