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What happened to that good idea you had?

Remember? It was about this time last year. You had a perfect brainstorm and ended up with that perfect idea. You bought a domain name. Started telling people about it. You were really, really excited.

And then what happened? What came of it? It was supposed to change your life and maybe even the world.

One of two things happened:

  1. The idea ended up not being great and deserved to die.
  2. You grew lazy, were turned on by distractions, and never put in the hard work to give birth to the dream. It died unjustly shortly after conception.

Some ideas need to die. Mourn them and move on. There will be so many others.

A few ideas need to live. To grow and to thrive. But ideas are codependent. They can never live on their own. They need you in order to reach their full potential.

So - back to that idea from last year. Which was it? What about the idea from last week? Or the other half dozen you'll have this year? Are you ready to get to work?

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