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When I Found Out (my wife was pregnant)

When we thought we were pregnant, I had just finished eating a cupcake while watching Jim Rome.

When we knew we were pregnant, I was in line at the post office.

While shipping packages and pounding cupcakes can be causes for celebration, they don't quite compare to finding out that you just fathered something.

It was around Cinco de Mayo when we found out. The doctor's estimate had us welcoming a bundle of joy sometime in late December or early January. Right around mine and Lynnette's birthdays, our anniversary, and Christmas.

And Kwanzaa, of course. (We're huge Kwanzaa freaks.)

Maybe that'll be the baby's name. I'm not really sure what the naming process will be like. I'm not sure what any process will be like. All I know right now is that I'm on litter box duty for the next several months (and probably longer).

Speaking of my cat, she took it the worst of all. She's already overwieght and has half a tail. So, this sent her right over the edge. Somehow, she knew. She spewed projectile vomit over the kitchen floor the night after we found, which I cleaned up the next morning. So add that to the "List of Things I Did When I Found Out I Was a Dad:"

  • Eat a cupcake
  • Mail packages
  • Clean up cat vomit

And for now, a picture:

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