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When It's Not About More

Seth Godin is right - making a great writer "more productive" doesn't mean he or she would double the books they're producing each year. 

So what are all of our productivity tools getting us? Sometimes, I feel like mine just get me more headaches.

Before you fall in love with a new tool or jump ship and start creating differently, make sure you're not just chasing more.

More, with her many-fangled mirages, will tantalize and tempt you to keep going. She's deceptive and alluring so be on the lookout against filling your plate or calendar with time spent on more.

Better, on the other hand, is a gem. She's quiet and even shy, sometimes overlooked. But she's always there, asking you to focus, to concentrate, to take your time. 

Over time, better beats more. There's only one place worth your energy and effort.

Productivity should be about better, not more. 

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