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Where is work?


A few weeks ago, Kivi Leroux Miller posted an infographic detailing how we're all working when we're not at work. While I love the ease and convenience of technology, the facts in the infographic are stark:

  • Just 3% of people say they don't work while on vacation
  • A whopping 98% of workers send emails on nights and weekends
  • And almost 60% of us make business decisions at home

The trick, of course, is to stay balanced. If checking email on vacation lets you actually spend time away from an office for longer, then go for it. If you can attend to pressing personal matters during a typical work day because you can make up for lost time after the kids go to bed, then kudos.

But just because we can work from anywhere doesn't mean we have to work from everywhere. Check out more info in this video:

What do you think?

Is work just a state of mind now? And if so, is that a good thing?

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