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Why you shouldn't work from the beach

I was scrolling through Facebook last week and one of the brands I follow there posted an image that looked something like this:


They then asked everyone to "like" the picture if that was their idea of working and relaxing.

My friends, this is not the central image we need of flexible work. This is not what we should have in mind when it comes to location independence or getting more done. And this image certainly has nothing to do with balance.

Just because you can work from anywhere doesn't mean you should work from anywhere.

Beaches were made for sand castles, seashells, and wading in the surf, not for you checking TPS reports from your smartphone. Beaches are there for us to contemplate the immensity of our world and to get lost in the beauty of nature. No one wants to see you check stocks while you apply sunscreen.

So please, get your work done and then come outside to play with us. We really don't want to crack your screen with our football.

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