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#003: Ask a Delicious Question

I don't believe that leaders are those who have all the answers. In fact, I firmly believe that leaders are those capable of asking what I call "delicious" questions.

No one has ever said that a fast-food burger is delicious. Prepared hastily and affordably, it's chief aim is efficiency, not nutrition. 

Contrast that with what your grandma makes at Thanksgiving. Or the home-cooked meal your partner prepares nearly every night, crafted from a recipe book kept in an old hutch. Those meals are delicious because they took time and care to prepare. You'll enjoy them slowly at your dinner table.

Those meals are events, and they are delicious because of it.

And so it should be with the questions you ask as a leader. Challenge your team (and yourself) with questions that can't be answered instantly, with puzzles that take time, energy, patience, research, and ambition. Those questions can be daunting and big and scary, but they are the only ones you'll truly enjoy and the very ones your team needs most for growth and development.

Ask questions that require time and focus and you'll find answers that result in meaning and connection. 

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