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#008: Find Your Mecca

Added on by Sam Davidson.

While reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me last year, I came across a passage where he talked about his Mecca. He is encouraging his son to find his, described as a place that transformed you, made you better, pushed and challenged you, and that you can’t escape.

For Coates, his Mecca was - and is - Howard University. But where is yours?

Do you have a place that utterly changed you and left you different than before? Is there a place now you can return to for wisdom or support, guidance or stimulation? Do you have a sanctuary or a respite? What about a paradise or a solace?

Leaders need to find their Mecca to return to as needed. The journey of leadership is long and if we don’t have a place to refuel as needed, we won’t make it to where we’re striving to take others.

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