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#007: Read

Leaders read.

If I hear someone who claims to lead - a company, a church, a movement - and they’re not knee deep in books, magazines, or blog posts, then I’ll stop trusting them as a leader.

If you’re following someone, ask them what they’ve read lately. If you’re met with a blank stare, don’t follow where they’re going. They’re traveling without the aid of many a map.

And if you’re a leader and you haven’t cracked a book or dared to dive in to the deep wisdom of experts in your field, then you need to get busy with some text. If you think you don’t have time to read, then you’re not managing your time well. Rearrange your priorities until reading is at the top of list.

I’ll say it again: leaders read.

(I was motivated to write this after I read about how much Warren Buffet reads.)

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