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#016: Find Your Intersection

I just started reading When Breath Becomes Air, the much acclaimed memoir of a brilliant, young neurosurgeon as he faces his final days. 

It's a moving read and as he recounts his decision to pursue medicine after studying literature for so long, he writes, "But I couldn't quite let go of the question: Where did biology, morality, literature, and philosophy intersect?"

We'd be wise to follow Paul Kalanithi's advice. What intersection are you racing toward?

Where your passion and talent collide?
Where a customer need meets your ability to create something beautiful?
Where music meets pain?
Where hope meets community?
Where fitness meets convenience?
Where cooking meets geography?
Where retail meets technology?
Where fashion meets comfort?

Find what two things you can combine and provide to the world and there you'll also find an opportunity to do good work, make people happy, and leave a legacy.

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