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10 Things to Do in the Next 10 Days

You have 10 days left in 2010. After that, it's gone forever. Maybe you're taking all next week off. Maybe you'll be the only person at work. It doesn't matter. Do these 10 things at some point (do them all today if you want to, or set a routine and do one a day) and you'll round out the year well while looking ahead to 2011.

  1. Don't plan anything work-related. No meetings, no conference calls, no client pitches. Put it off until after the 1st. Everyone else is. They'll understand.
  2. Now that your schedule is open, block off two hours and spend it with someone you love. Watch a movie. Build a snowman. Eat a long lunch. Resist the urge to check your phone for messages - no one will call or email anyway; they're all off work. Just be.
  3. Set one goal for 2011. Just one; not 10. Make it specific. If you want to lose weight, set the number of pounds. If you want to get organized, specify a place (your desk) and a way (get rid of clutter, label everything else). If you want to save money, name what you'll cut out of your weekly budget (cable, eating out, new clothes). Write it down. In marker.
  4. Take a look at your free credit report. Seriously. You don't want that thing to be jacked up.
  5. Who changed your life most this year? Who, if they weren't around, wouldn't have made this year what it was? They deserve a letter. Hell, they probably deserve a medal, but a blog post, wall post, or phone call will do. Acknowledge someone for who they are.
  6. Learn how to make something better than anyone else. A cup of hot chocolate, spinach quiche, banana bread - find something small you do well and use it to make something you can give someone else.
  7. If you haven't worn it since 2009, it needs to go. You will not be able to fit into it again in all likelihood. You will be happier in the morning choosing from fewer clothes that fit and make you look great than thumbing through too many clothes you don't wear and make you feel terrible.
  8. Let go of your quest to earn more and instead embrace a lifestyle that spends less.
  9. Finish something. Resist the allure of the new and complete a task, a book, a project, or an idea. Finish it. Feel the relief that comes with finality.
  10. If they are living, call your grandparents.

You are smart and capable enough to do all of these. If you think something should be added, leave it in the comments. The next 10 days are a gift. Make them useful.

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