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2006: The Year Cool Was Born

On August 18, a quiet revolution began. With a few emails to friends, some blog posts, and that always undervalued word of mouth, folks from all over began to want to be cool in a whole new way.

We've enjoyed our rapid growth this past year. In just four months, we've experienced:

  • 25,000 total visitors
  • 800 emails sent everyday
  • 12 nonprofit partners
  • 1 awesome adventure

The local media has also picked up on the energy of CoolPeopleCare. Nashville Lifestyles, The Nashville Scene, The Nashville City Paper, News Channel 2 (WKRN) and All the Rage have carried stories about us. And, our Christmas Is Not Your Birthday Campaign also made headlines as we challenged people to deny the barrage of consumerism this time of year and redirect their spending towards those who need it most.

The beginning of CoolPeopleCare will long be remembered, but we always have an eye to the future here. And here's what we're brewing in this village of change:

  • We're expanding into other cities earlier than planned. Our hope is to be in every major city in American by our first birthday. Stay tuned to this site as we announce launches in new markets, because we may be in your hometown before you know it.
  • Instead of making those New Year's Resolutions that never seem to last, make sure you check out our New Day's Resolution campaign where we challenge people to try new, positive things for one day.
  • In the springtime, you can be an integral part of the new CoolPeopleCare Foundation. Never again will you have the chance to make a little go a long way.
  • For those businesses looking to learn how to care, or for those nonprofits who need a little help, CP Consulting will be available to help groups and organizations trend younger, make a difference, and bring about change.
  • We'll also offer more merchandise to help you get the word out about being cool, along with items that make it easier for you to care.

And as always, we love taking the important, small steps of this movement with you, the coolest people we know. Here's how you can help out:

  • Tell local nonprofits what you love about us. Partnering with CoolPeopleCare will help them get the word out about the important things they do to a captive, socially-aware audience.
  • Take our survey during January to tell us more about what we’re doing and how we can do it even better. Everyone who takes 5 minutes to complete the survey will be entered to win a very cool shirt or travel mug.
  • Add us as a friend on MySpace, join our Facebook group, link to us from your blog, make your site a CoolPlace, and don't hesitate to tell everyone about us: your mom, your boss, your long-lost childhood pen pal, your neighbor, your mayor – anyone who you know that would love this 5 Minute Revolution.

We look forward to expanding and growing CoolPeopleCare to continue to change the world, make a difference, and keep proving that there's no such thing as not enough time. Thanks for visiting, getting our emails, and doing your part to give back.

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