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Easy is Worthless

I wish it could be easier, but it can't. It just can't. That's because the most valuable and priceless things in our lives rarely come without great sacrifice. They're almost always earned, and not just found.

So keep working. All of your hard work is creating something that is worth the effort.

The harder it is, the more it will mean to you.

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Weekly Challenge: Play Like You Mean It

Watch a child play with a toy they love. When you do, you'll see them lean into the playing, going all out with pure fun and determination. They don't care who's watching or listening as they pretend to fly to the moon, serve tea to stuffed animals, or build the tallest tower in the world. Play is their job, and it's beautiful to watch.

There's no reason we can't play like it's our job, too. That's when the real fun sets in anyway. When we start to play with a purpose - the purpose of relaxation and refueling - we find ourselves happier and more liberated than ever. If we took time off as seriously as we take our time on, I bet we'd all enjoy life much more.

This week, play like you mean it. Don't worry about who's watching you throw a Frisbee, read a book, or laugh with friends. Commit to your free time this week and remember what it was like to play like a kid.

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Today's Reminder

That thing you're trying to be perfect at? You can stop all the striving. No one's perfect at that.

Being good at that is good enough, actually.

So, well done.

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Attention is Priceless

In today's world of short attention spans, blaring media, and countless distractions, getting someone's attention is hard work. It may be the hardest work you do, in fact, to cut through the clutter of their lives and responsibilities so they are willingly listening to what you're saying.

Don't squander that rare opportunity, then. Be ready to say what you need to say to move them to a decision.

We can always earn more money; we can never create more time.

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The Leadership Experiment

The thing about leadership is that you have to try it to see if you like it. Better than illicit drugs or other risky behaviors, getting hooked on leadership is a great thing.

Your experiment leads to experience which will keep making you better at leading others.

What are you waiting for? Give it a shot, man. Just this one time.

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Windows Are Better Than Mirrors

If you want to get better at something, stop looking in the mirror to scrutinize every detail about yourself. Instead, look out of a window to see what others are doing so you can learn something from them.

When we look at others, we'll realize what it is we can do to better ourselves.

There's a reason windows outnumber mirrors in your home.

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Push It

Motivation is great. It acts as a tool that lets us push ourselves to greater heights. But there are many mountains we need to ascend that require more effort that we can muster alone.

In those moments, we need the help of someone else to push us. And in those moments, we need to know who we can ask to give us a boost.

So, who pushes you?

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Weekly Challenge: 30 Days

I enjoy Morgan Spurlock's series 30 Days in which those on the show are challenged to live differently for a month. Conventional wisdom also says that it takes 21 days to start (and keep) a new routine or habit. This got me thinking, of course. By committing to improve ourselves in one area today, we could be an entirely new person by Halloween. While a weekly challenge is helpful, a monthly promise could work wonders.

Your challenge for this week, then, is to find what it is you'd like to improve and begin that journey towards improvement. Want to brush up on your language skills? Be better at managing people? Learn more about graphic design? Eat healthier? The choice is yours, but you have to take that first step this week.

Where do you want to change your life? Will you start this week?

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"Those imperfections are where the beauty lies."

This month's Garden & Gun (by far my favorite magazine) has a profile piece on Capers Cauthen, a furniture craftsman based in South Carolina (link not available). He's known for making fantastic tables and other items out of reclaimed wood. In the middle of the article, Cauthen said why he likes working with old wood:

Those imperfections are where the beauty lies.

Truth from a carpenter.

That thing you hate about yourself? That part of you that you think is ugly, useless, outdated, or less than fantastic? Look again. There is beauty there.

The things we don't like about ourselves can often become the things others adore. Beauty is firmly in the eyes of the beholder; let someone else find the beauty within you, draw it out, and make something fantastic out of what you once thought wasn't good for much.

Something is not beautiful because it's perfect. It becomes perfect for us once we realize it's beautiful.