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A Cool School: Woodland Middle

We had a great time Sunday evening at Barnes and Noble to help kick off Woodland Middle School's annual book fair. This week of activities allows students and parents to come to the store, learn something valuable, and then support the school with their purchases.

As part of the school's interest in making the world a better place, Stephen and I were happy to talk about the ways people of any age can save the world.

Of course, it helps to turn folks out when you've got Gabe Dixon tickling the ivories with some great tunes.

It was a great time to get out and talk to folks about the things that can be done to improve the local community. We always find that the youngest people in our world are most interested in making the planet a great place to live, so we're always happy to stop by your school and give a presentation or talk with different classes about how their subject matter can have an impact in many different areas.

A special thanks to Mrs. Anderson for setting everything up!

Let us know if your school's cool, and we'll come hang out!