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Acting Like a Neighbor

This time of year, I have to water my plants each morning, at least if I don't want my hydrangeas to droop and sag by the time dinner rolls around. When I finish drenching those bad boys and topping off everything else in my backyard, I also give a drink to one of my neighbor's plants.

She, too, has a hydrangea in her back yard, right next to the fence where I turn on and off the water and roll the hose back up when I'm done. So before I finish and put everything away, I water her plant, too. 

"You should charge her for what you're doing," says the Capitalist.
"Your tax dollars should pay for a water relief program," says the Democrat.
"It's her job to water her own plant," says the Republican.
"The government will water everyone's plants in the same way," says the Communist.
"Everyone will be required to water everyone else's plants," says the Socialist.

Meanwhile, while everyone else was talking, the neighbor has watered the plant, put away his hose, and begun his day. 

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