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This is How We Do It

The way you're doing things right now could be a lesson for someone else. Therefore, your processes and plans that are helping you win could be used to help others win, too (and maybe make you some money). 

Here's what I mean:
Over the last year (almost), we at Batch have shipped closed to 13,000 boxes. We're not the only people who do this, nor are we the absolute best in the world at it, but we're pretty good. We can pack things quickly and efficiently, and our overall volume gets us great rates on things like shipping fees, materials costs, and other things in the packing and logistics world.

And we want to keep getting better. But not just for our sake - for the sake of others, too.

This is why we now offer storage and packing services for local makers. Many of these people, whether they're pouring candles or mixing spices or stirring up delicious treats, love what they do. They love creating products. But they hate taking time to put things in a box and mail it. On top of that, because they're not shipping lots of things every month like us, what they pay to get something to a customer is expensive, possibly prohibiting a sale at worst and deeply cutting into profit margin at best.

So we stepped in. Now one thing that Batch does is use our packing expertise and discounts to ship things for our purveyors. Everyone wins because we leverage how we do something to a greater good (and commercial opportunity).

I bet you can do this, too, whether or not you're even officially in business in a particular area. You make the best beer can chicken. Who else wants to know? You've discovered how to better plan your day after years of wasting time. How can you share that? You're a great artist but you also know the ins and outs of taking an original creation and mass-producing prints to sell. When are you going to teach someone about that?

In many cases - like a teacher or coach - you can turn this knowledge into income, especially if people can see the passion and skill behind it. You don't have to, nor can every process or morsel of knowledge be monetized. But, if you don't at least consider what you know and who else may want to know it, you're leaving money on the table.

I bet you know something no one else does. Don't keep it that way. Let your excellence shine.

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