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Adios to the Dose

For seventeen months straight, I wrote something every single day and started emailing it to people.  

This is the last regularly scheduled Daily Dose.  

I've loved the challenge and the positive response from what became short, regular thoughts on leadership and impact. And while short posts are reasonably easy to write, it's time to pen the final entry in this chapter of my writing and teaching.

Beginning today, subscribers to this list will get regular (but not daily) thoughts on what it means to start, lead, and manage a slow company. (And I totally understand if you're reading this via email and scroll to the bottom now to click "unsubscribe".) 

This new content focus comes out of the immense initial success we're having at Batch. What started as a business experiment with two friends is now a growing company that demands more and more of my time and attention. Tomorrow, for example, we'll be packing boxes that will land in 34 states.  

But what I'm learning these days as a parent, entrepreneur, leader, and husband is that a lot of meaning can be found in starting or working for a slow company.  

What's a Slow Company? 

In contrast to a favorite magazine of mine, I believe slow companies are those where we can find our life's work, whether we begin one or link up with one as an employee or customer. Instead of a race for cash, we're willing to take the long journey to discover purpose, passion, and meaning. The goal of a slow company isn't to make money, flip it, and repeat. The goal of a slow company is to contribute mightily to the world and allow you to focus on all the things that matter - family, community, work, income, legacy, leadership, impact, service, relationships, fun.  

Regular posts here (along with this new look and, beginning tomorrow, a new domain) will focus more on what it means to be a slow company. I'll share about other slow companies I find and offer advice on how to begin one for yourself.  

Thanks to all those who have been reading. I invite you on this new journey, even though I'll admit I have no clue where we'll end up.  

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