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An Idea I Like: Charitable ATMs

I just read over on Philanthropy 2173 about charitable ATMs that have premiered in California. I think this is a smart concept.

Basically, at any ATM, the user can donate money to selected charities as part of their deposit or withdrawal transaction. This kind of convenience makes it easier for people to give to charities.

While convenience is a great feature of this endeavor, what I really love is the fact the big business is using its tools to make a difference. While some thing that more regulations and fewer profits are the answers to an increasingly greedy world where need is ever rife, I believe that simple motivation on the parts of large corporations can go a long way.

And this is a perfect example. An integrated system that is used by millions of people now has an added feature that benefits the sector of society that does great work. So, if you're near one of these, use it and let me know your thoughts.

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