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Be Like Pat

I'll be out of pocket this holiday weekend, so I'll leave you with a happy thought:

Be like Pat.

CBN is reporting that Pat Robertson (yes, that Pat Robertson) has leg-pressed 2,000 pounds.

I was floored as well.

You can talk about the steroid scandal in baseball all you want, but I want to call attention to the growing number of televangelists and Christian personalities who are using performance-enhancing drugs to gain an unfair advantage over their Muslim and Buddhist counterparts.

I know it takes something special for a guy like Benny Hinn to heal all those people. And as many calories as Rod Parsley burns on the stage every night, I just figured he carbo-loaded the night before like an elite marathoner. And for Pat to make all of those crazy statements - well, we now know there's something in the water - er, shakes.

May the Lord be praised if I can go half an hour without wetting my pants at 76, much less leg press a Pinto.