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Beware the Pop

The firework was meant to impress us, to dazzle us with its brief illumination against a dark sky. 

It was never built to keep us warm in that same darkness, even though its temperature can reach well over 1,200 degrees. 

In a world that gives attention to media platforms that reward bursts, be sure to find time and give more attention to those ideas and relationships that build your fire within. 

Seek the shock of the sparkle for occasional entertainment, but keep searching after a home where a steady fire burns for you. Find work and love that offers a continual kindling for your spirit, and not just flash for your eyes. 

There's a lot that you can be excited about today: resolutions, dreams, plans, goals, habits, commitments, and beginnings. But fireworks fade. 

Give time today to the thing that'll keep you warm and feeling at home six months from now, not just the thing that is screaming loudest at you today.


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