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More Voices in Your Head

It's easy for any of us to keep listening to the same voices, those that always agree with us and keep us comfortable, whether it be political opinions or general life advice.

But when things stay the same, growth can't happen. Therefore, if you want to grow in 2017, you need to get some different voices in your head.

Want to be a better baker? Start following come kitchen rock stars on Instagram.

Need to step up your sales game? Hit the library and check out the top books by masters in that field. 

Listen to new radio stations, unsubscribe from some email lists and add new ones, go to therapy, make a new friend, keep a journal, pick up a different magazine at the stand, or follow different pages on Facebook. 

We're in control of media more than ever before. With so much choice, why wouldn't you add different perspectives that will make your smarter, better, stronger, faster, or more of anything you dream of being? 

Of course, you'll need to pay attention to your signal-to-noise ratio, quickly ditching anything that isn't adding value and is leading to distraction. But I bet by the end of this month, with the right focus on seeking out new ideas, you can add five actionable items that, when complete, can make this year your best yet.

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