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Big Announcement(s)

This time of year, we all start thinking about the big announcements we'll be making in a few weeks' time. As soon as the calendar page turns over to 2014, your Facebook feed will be flooded with promises, best laid plans, ambitious undertakings, and bold beginnings.

Don't believe a word of it.

The price of announcements is cheap. The price of accomplishment, however, is high. In fact, it may cost you everything.

I don't believe anyone any more when they say, "I'm going to write a book." "Expect big things, people!" "Today is the first day of something huge!" 

Pronouncements like that have lost their shine. Granted, when you have children, everything becomes an announcement once they're big enough. "I can do it by myself." "I'm going potty." "I want to eat it all." "Let's go to the library and the mall and Grandma's house and the playground and the library."

Announcements are a dime a dozen - maybe even less expensive than that. If you want to do something valuable, don't tell anyone. Get to work, finish it, and when you're done, show us. 

That's something we're not used to hearing.

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