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The Work of Today

It was announced last week that Mary Barra will become the new CEO of General Motors. While this is a noteworthy move because it marks the first time a woman has been at the head of a major American automaker, I think it's interesting for another reason:

Barra began working at GM over 30 years ago as an intern.

This kind of slow rise won't necessarily happen for every intern out there. But it's a handy reminder that the work we do today matters because it's leading us somewhere.

We want every day to be fireworks, full of promotions and milestones and accolades. But somedays are just gunpowder, where we're trudging through the tedium.

This necessary step can't be overlooked as we don't get to the top without understanding the pathway there begins when we often enter at the very bottom.

If nothing else, your main task today - regardless of position or prestige - is to create momentum.

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