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Book Insights: Paid to Speak

I finished Paid to Speak recently. In all honestly, this was the first book about speaking (other than preaching books) that I've ever read. My quick take is that it's a handy tool for anyone trying to build a speaking career. It combines both practical advice to keep in mind on stage with pointers to make you better at your craft, no matter how long you've been in the game. It offers advice on growing your business and marketing yourself, and it has true stories from professional speakers at the top of their game. Published by the National Speakers Association, each chapter is written by a different speaker. But, the entire book flows together nicely. It's something I'll keep on the shelf and reach for often as I continue on this journey.

Paid to SpeakSome quotes worth noting:

There is a tremendous freedom in focusing on connectedness, love, harmony, and being fully present. This is a critical aspect of eloquence through one central focus: Dare to be fully present and connected off the platform, every single day, and in every single relationship. Eloquence is a way of living, not simply a way of speaking. To be an authentic, eloquent platform professional requires speakers to focus on being authentic, eloquent human beings. - Glenna Salsbury

People don't want information...they want epiphanies. - Sam Horn

From now on, when you finish a story, always extract the key point (the hook) and turn it back to your audience (the hinge) by asking a variation of a "you" question such as, "Where have you encountered this? Is this going on in your life? How are you going to follow up on this idea? How are you going to approach this differently from now on?" - Sam Horn

Audiences want solutions to problems. - Max Dixon

Never make a story about the loss. It's always about the possibilities. - Max Dixon

Workshops teach skills, and speeches are designed to prompt thinking. - Lou Heckler

What's the best place to start? The good news is that it doesn't cost a dime - it's an internal commitment to take this business of speaking seriously. It's not a part-time thing for fun, it's not volunteer work, and it's not something to "try" between jobs. Do military fighter pilots "try" flying combat missions? Do doctors go into neurosurgery "part-time"? Do symphony orchestra conductors "give it a shot"? No! True professionals make serious commitments to their professional training, years-long preparation and study, thousands of hours of practice, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. - David Newman

Successful professionals reach out for help more often than average people - not less. - David Newman

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