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My Turn to Speak

My biggest goal for 2012 - my year of living deliberately - is to make a living by speaking. Saying this out loud here is one step in that process. I have been speaking publicly for half of my life. Not all 31-year-olds can say this. Ever since I was first given the chance to say something to my high school youth group at church, I have been up for any speaking challenge. This journey has taken me to speak at universities like Vanderbilt, Harvard, Miami (OH), and UAB, among others. I have keynoted conferences and led breakout sessions, spoken at staff retreats, high schools, churches, and synagogues.

When I'm speaking, I get that unique feeling that's rare for a lot of us. It's a feeling that tells me: yes, this is what I need to be doing. When I speak, I'm in that unbelievable space where my passion and talent meet.

Having taken the stage over 500 times, I've finally come to the realization and admitted to myself what others have confirmed: this is how I want to make a living.

From time to time here, I'll be chronicling this specific part of my 2012 journey. I'll be as open and forthright about this as I'm comfortable, hoping that my ups and downs to make a living speaking will be of use to someone else a few steps behind me on this same journey.

In the meantime, I'll be investing in myself this year. You'll see a new look for SamDavidson.net soon that will help position me as a keynote speaker. I'll also have a revamped speaking page and add more demo videos throughout the first half of this year.

Best of luck to all of us who finally decide now is the time to make our dreams come true.