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Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants - June 30, 2008

It's summertime, and while the weather is warm and ripe for a trip to the beach, we've still got work to do.

To help remind us of that, here are this week's Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants posts:

Paul Jones just might have seen the future of telethons. But it's not as space-agey as you might think...yet.

Speaking of, if that's the future of telethons - or all nonprofit fundraising, for that matter - what about when people become addicted to the medium? Alexandra Rampy has some thoughts.

Although, it's important to be online, and to be online well. Joanne Fritz highlights some great examples of organizations that are online well.

However, even the best Web sites and computers may be no match for face-to-face interactions. Chris Stowell examines this idea. It's up to you to consider what it means for your nonprofit.

And, Kivi Leroux Miller brings it all home, reminding us that the summertime may present its own unique challenges for our organizations.