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Clean Water

Already today, I've made a cup of coffee, taken a shower, gone to the bathroom (twice), and brushed my teeth. Yesterday, I bathed my daughter and washed her bottles and pacifiers. In none of the occurrences did I worry about the cleanliness of the water I was drinking or putting on my or my daughter's bodies.

The Bayaka do not have that luxury.

This month, 30 bloggers are trying their hardest to raise $30,000 for clean water to be provided in Central African Republic. Tyler Stanton is the brains behind this operation (I'm not sure how often he's called the brains of anything, but he deserves the credit for this impressive feat of organization) and we all hope that over the next 30 days, a world of good can be done half a world away.

charity: water has done a lot of good in its short history. It uses 100% of all donations to provide clean water (the organization's overhead is covered by private donors). Therefore, everything you give will co to make a difference directly in the lives of the Bayaka.

Who are the Bayaka? Watch this and find out (it's worth all five minutes):

Ready to donate? Of course you are.

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