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Columbus Coffee Club

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my wife and I went with my parents to visit my grandfather. He is nearly 91 years old and lives in the small town of Columbus, Mississippi, which seems much different from the comparative metropolis of Nashville that I call home.

These trips are always a good chance to see my father's side of the family and to check in on my grandfather. As old as he is, he is still able to take care of himself quite well. In fact, the whole reason for this trip was to help him buy a new car. That's right – after nine decades of living, my grandfather was ready for a new car.

While the trip offered plenty of chances to visit with family and catch up on life, the highlight for me was the visit I paid to one of the most revered Columbus traditions: the group of old men that gather at the McDonald's on Highway 182 every morning at 6:30 for coffee....

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