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Dense Memories

My guess is that your resume is short on memories. That sheet of paper only lists times and titles. What's way more interesting is what you remember about yourself, your experiences, and your time spent at work, away from work, and everywhere in between. 

So what are you doing to create dense memories? 

Dense memories are those that run deep. They usually are built on a foundation of random or spontaneous experiences that draw us far away from our routine. 

Dense memories happen when we stay up later than usual, venturing out to a diner with a friend. They happen when we ignore the GPS and see where the road leads. They happen when we say yes to an invitation to a place far away or don't rely on a travel guide to tell us where to eat. 

Routines create ruts, not memories.  

You can explore more ways for creating dense memories here, but suffice it to say your life needs better memories and the only way to get better memories is to live better moments