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Be Someone's Cheerleader

Chances are good that you've got a cheerleader or two in your corner. There is someone or a group of someones who roots for you when you apply to school, start a business, get promoted, or move away. 

These people are valuable to you because they confirm the best thoughts you have about yourself - thoughts that say you're capable, you're worthy, you're up to the challenge, and that you'll do just fine.  

And I bet you are someone's cheerleader, too. You root hard for your spouse or your siblings. You support them and champion what they want to do.

But let's try and go further. We should probably cheer for our family by default.

Who, then, can you cheer for? Who on your team or in your office needs a cheerleader, who may not have the support you have? Who nearby is capable, worthy, up to the challenge, and will do just fine? 

Cheer for them. Cheer for the un-cheered-for.  

This is the task of a leader. Literally, the word leader is a part of cheerleader . 

Who will you root for this week?