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Don't Believe Everything You Read

Added on by Sam Davidson.

Even on days that aren't set aside for silly pranks, it's also helpful to be wary of what you read. What you see. What you hear. 

Photo by mediaphotos/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by mediaphotos/iStock / Getty Images

In a world where embellishment is the modus operandi for news organizations and politicians and where exaggeration can be explained away as mere wishful thinking, it's worth it to keep your guard up. 

But be careful. Not everyone lies. Not everyone is trying to make a fool of you. There are good and honest people and companies in the world. You can find straight shooters and forthright groups who keep their promises. 

So be skeptical when things seem awry. But don't walk into every new conversation or transaction with cynicism. You'll miss out on too much if you do.

Skepticism keeps you safe. Cynicism keeps you lonely. 

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