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Dreamland It

On our way to speak to a group of teenagers about the environment last week, Stephen and I stopped for dinner at Dreamland. He'd never been and I'd skipped lunch, so it seemed like the perfect time to order some slabs of the best ribs on the planet.

Dreamland serves the kind of ribs that require a commitment. If you're going to get some, get the full slab, get ready for your hands and face to be covered in sauce, and sit there until every last bit of meat has been removed from every last bone. If you're not going to commit, then don't bother. Just go to some other (mediocre) rib joint and have a few there.

Sometimes, your work ethic, marketing strategy, social media use or game plan can lack serious commitment. My question to you is: then why do it?

Now, when rolling out a new shirt, when exhibiting at a conference or expo, when booking a speaking engagement or when coming up with a new marketing initiative, we at CoolPeopleCare ask, are we willing to Dreamland it?

Because if we're not willing to make the commitment to see it through to the end - success or failure - then let's not do it. If we're not excited enough, if we don't think it will work, if we don't think people will care to look at it, then hold off. Don't do it. Wait until we have an idea or strategy good enough to commit to. Then, carry it all the way to the finish line.

A friend of mine, upon graduating college, had a sweet deal to a top-tier law school, which could have amounted to a lucrative and promising business law career. But, weeks before he needed to be at class, he pulled the plug. He'd never traveled. He decided to backpack Europe and see some of the world. Everyone thought he was crazy except for one mentor/professor of ours who told him, "If you're trading this in for a vacation, don't. But, if you're exchanging it for a unique experience that will help you for the rest of your life, go all in. And don't come back until you've had the experience you need to have."

In other words, commit to something. Find something (or someone) worth committing to. You can play poker for hours by just anteing up and paying the blinds, but it's not fun. Going all in with your Ace-high straight, praying the other guy didn't hit the flush on the river - that's commitment.

You only go to Dreamland if you're willing to be elbow deep in ribs and sauce. You should only tell your customers about a product or service that's awesome or remarkable. This will also make your work more exciting because you'll have something ambitious or passionate to develop. Work that is neither can be outsourced, contracted, or doesn't need doing in the first place.

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