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Finding a Fit

Sometimes we search for something based on a number. Maybe a title. This is especially true of work. We want the right pay and the right recognition. So be it.

Other times we look for a partner or a relationship based on a similar background, resume, or shared interests. All well and good.

We want to move a city that is growing, makes it to the top of important lists, or that people will envy us for living in. Cool.

None of these qualifiers are bad, but I'm finding that there's no substitute for fit. Where you fit. Where you feel like you belong. Where you can be the most you. 

The right job, person, or opportunity isn't right because someone else said so. They're right because you fit.

So before you decide to make a move based on logic not your own, ask yourself if you could fit there. That's what you're after. 

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