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Weekend Assignments - January 10, 2015

Three delightful and happy things to sink into (along with some good coffee or tea) this weekend:

Gratitude is good
The more thankful you are, the better you'll sleep. And you might exercise more. This article showcasing why giving thanks can be very practically beneficial for us. Gracias. 

Why purpose matters
Likewise, knowing our life's purpose can also be good for our health. Of course, our medical system isn't quite set up to help us do this, even if there are benefits to be found.

Friendship is great
I'm a fan of Anne Lamott's and Maria Popova's take on her newest book will have you wanting to read more of both Popova and Lamott, especially when it comes to how we appreciate and notice others. 

Bonus item (so I can brag):
I was named - along with my co-founders - as one of the "people changing the south this year" (whatever that means) by Southern Living. Kinda cool.

What are you diving into this weekend? 

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