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Gain and Pain

Last week, my daughter fell and scraped her knee. This is a common occurrence when you're three. 

The next day, the scrape had healed some, but still was painful. She kept asking when her boo-boo would go away. I didn't have a good answer other than that boo-boos take time to heal and that soon, she'd forget it ever happened. 

There is another solution. We could have amputated her leg above the knee. Of course, this is the worst possible way to get rid of a scrape on your leg. 

But many times, we sacrifice something meaningful for the sake of a quick answer. We give up family life if we're trying to grow a company quickly. We may lose a sense of community when we try and grow our membership numbers rapidly.  

As leaders and world changers, we can't sacrifice what matters for the sake of speed. That wil literally get us nowhere fast. 

Instead, if we can take the time needed for communities to bond, companies to gain traction, and people to believe in our cause, we'll be better and stronger for it. 

Sometimes, it'll hurt. But that might mean you're doing it right.