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I Think You'd Like This

It's easy to blast out a recommendation or suggestion via social media. We tweet: "This place is awesome!" or share a photo of a well-designed latte and leave it at that.

But real recommendation and endorsement is based on connection, not documentation. It's one thing to Instagram your way through dinner; it's another (better) thing to call or write a friend and tell them they may love going to that new deli because they're such a huge Reuben fan and what the deli does with that sandwich is unforgettable.

This is better than a mass message or even the newspaper critic's review because when you write me personally, I embrace it. After all, you know me and you know this place. You've made a relevant and unmistakable connection.

All it takes is the careful sixty seconds needed to send an email or make a call. The chef, singer, author, or owner may never know you made this connection, but they're thankful.

What will you recommend - and to who(m) - today?