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Gen Y's Best Bet: Brazen Careerist

A few times a month, I'll get an email or grab coffee with someone looking for work. Part of it is this flippin' economy, and part of it is that people are looking for more meaningful or inspiring work. Whether they got laid off, just graduated or simply can't take it any more, they want a better path to a better career.

This is particularly true of Generation Y.

A few times a month, I also speak to nonprofits about how to communicate with Gen Y. I talk about social media, I talk about digital branding and I talk about how words like community, change and leadership are being redefined.

This is particularly true of Generation Y.

And, whether I'm grabbing coffee with a 20-something or talking 20 people about something, I nearly always mention Brazen Careerist.

Sure, I was an initial part of this site back in the day. And yes, I've gotten to know some really cool people who work there, like when I went to Madison once upon a time. And while I didn't meet my soul mate with the help of Brazen Careerist, I always find what it has to offer useful, relevant and inspiring.

That's why I mention it in my presentations to nonprofits about Gen Y. If something's useful, I'll talk about it.

And that's why I'm telling you here that Brazen Careerist is the best place to go online for anyone looking to work with Gen Y. Or to understand this generation. Or for this generation to connect with each other in a meaningful way.

What the crew got right is that work and resumes today are about ideas as much as they are about experience. I recently referred someone for an open position with a nonprofit. The hiring manager told me, "Thanks for the referral. We got over 200 applications, so a personal referral always helps."


I have no doubt that this organization will hire who they feel is most qualified to do the best job. But wading through 200 resumes is nearly impossible for even the most nimble and innovative companies. That's why there needs to be a way for Gen Y to call attention not just to what they've done, but to who they are.

So if you're a Gen Y'er, hop on Brazen Careerist. Read the blogs. Connect with cool people. Do something worth doing. And if you're looking to understand or connect with Gen Y, hop on over, too. I promise you'll find the trip worthwhile.

Tell me: What do you find useful about Brazen Careerist? Leave a comment and I'll pick a few random people to get a free copy of my book, which has been dubbed "The Gen Y Bible on instigating change."