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Getting Your Sh*t Together (why you gotta make time for it)

Each week, I block off a few hours to get my sh*t together. 

Truthfully, I've got a lot of sh*t, so I don't really get ALL of it together in just a few hours, but this discipline is key for entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, and anyone else who can't have some of the smaller things turn into bigger things.

I got the idea from this post by Brendan Baker. And while he details many more things (sh*t) you can get together, I just cover the basics in my time. Here's what I do:

  • I usually schedule it for an evening before I leave town.
  • I block off about two hours.
  • I keep a running list (on Evernote) of what I need to knock out
  • I do things in this time like pay bills, write letters, organize paperwork, or clean - basically a lot of small tasks that require starting and stoping and different forms of thought.
  • I don't do work or create content during this time. 

What could you get together in two hours each week? And how productive would it make the rest of your week? 

Control your time or else it'll control you.

(I found Brendan's article via the Mattermark newsletter, which is a good read for entrepreneurs, startups, founders, and investors.)

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