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Lessons from "Zag" by Marty Neumeier

I finished reading Zag recently, which I highly recommend to any entrepreneur, marketer or creative. Marty Neumeier's work is short, insightful, and challenging. 

In short, Marty suggests, "When everybody zigs, zag." Brilliant advice for all of us.

Two bits of wisdom that struck me:

It's not enough to just offer more and more unless you're also putting something better or other into the world as well. So, when you're looking to grow a customer base or revenues (or both), don't dream up something more as a starting point. Dream up something different.


Meet a need. No matter what, meet a need. Help someone. Make something easier for people. Come up with a solution to a problem. Worry about bells and whistles later. Meet a need and delight them while you do it and you'll be around for a while.

Grab your copy of Zag today. You can easily read it in an afternoon or on a flight (this was Neumeier's intent) and you'll immediately starting thinking differently about your life and work.

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