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Hang Around

Many of my trips are quick hits. I'm in cities for less than 24 hours. Sometimes, I spend more time getting somewhere than staying somewhere. I'm in. I'm out. I'm on to what's next.

But sometimes, I get to hang around. Such was the case with a trip to the High Line this past Sunday while in New York. And it was the case after I spoke the next day. After I came off the stage, I hung around to chat with folks and catch the session after me.

The company's CTO was giving an overview of the tech world these days, complete with data and stats and figures (oh my!). It was fascinating, and while I don't directly speak or lead on such matters, it was the kind of talk that any leader or entrepreneur should hear so he or she is up on the latest as it may affect them or their businesses. 

But there's value in hanging around, I'm learning. Hanging around lets conversation happen. Hanging around gives you time to explore, try new things, test new ideas, and be observant. Hanging around - when your agenda gives way to humanity - is what creates relationships, memories, and breakthroughs. 

I'm learning to plan to hang around more (the irony, I know). To bake time into a schedule that lets the opportunities for wonder and discovery rise to their true potential. 

Going can be exciting. But there is amazing beauty and hope to be found in staying.

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