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Hello Memphis, How Ya Doin'?

I'm in Memphis right now, enjoying the business travel excellence that only a Hyatt Place can provide.

We've got a big day tomorrow, so if you're near Graceland, or arriving via FedEx, or en route to the slots at Tunica, feel free to catch us tomorrow in one of these three places:

At 9 AM on Live at 9 - that's channel 3 locally.

AT 1 PM at The Harmony Project. We'll be discussing about how to tell your story to the next generation.

At 6:30 PM at the Barnes and Noble in Wolf Chase Galleria. We'll be talking about how to save the world.

If you come out and happen to wear the same size as one of our few remaining shirts that we have in stock, we'll give it to you for free. That's right - it will only cost you your precious time. Because that's what we're about.

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