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Hey! Hey! Lookie Here! (or don’t)

I got a new phone two months ago. When I did, I didn’t automatically import all of my existing apps. I was deliberate about what I wanted on my new device.

And I didn’t put Facebook on there. My wife offered up such a suggestion. It’s brilliant.

I used to not have the Facebook app on my phone - back in 2008 - and I got along just fine. The same holds true now seven years later.

You know what else I didn’t do? I turned off my notifications. No buzzes or beeps for emails, calls, text messages, or updates. My life is quieter now. More productive. A bit more balanced. 

Photo by KIVILCIM PINAR/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by KIVILCIM PINAR/iStock / Getty Images

If you’re rushing to tend to the five inch rectangle that seems to dominate your life now and you’d prefer a different way to live, the power to change that is in your hands

You don’t need to check Facebook and Twitter as if you’re looking for signs of life in a patient. - Skip Prichard

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