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A Turn Off

Added on by Sam Davidson.

I got a lot done last week because I simply didn’t check email for an entire hour one day. 

I closed my Gmail window, silenced my phone, and worked. It was blissfully lovely.

You can do that to, you know. Whether you need to do a lot of work or just go out and play, remember that you are in control of these beeps and buzzes, blips and bings. 

Technology is a tool when we leverage it to build something better. Technology is an idol when we rely on it to determine worth and value. 

There’s a fine line between utility and idolatry. 

Photo by Martin Barraud/OJO Images / Getty Images

Photo by Martin Barraud/OJO Images / Getty Images

Hey - it's the weekend. Why not try this for an hour between now and Monday?

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