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How New Paradigms Are Created

It's rare that someone enjoying the spoils of the current paradigm, reality, situation, or setup will seek to create a new one. We don't create a new game by entirely adhering to the one we're presently playing. 

Take the example of the conference that wants to be progressive and highlight success. Its docket is full of white male speakers. When pushed, the conference cries, "But we're highlighting success! This is who is successful in our world." And as long as it looks at the world as it is, it will never create the world as it should be. 

There is risk in venturing out beyond the known. Unknown territory is vast, unexplored, and new. But the uncharted waters are where discoveries are made. Nothing new is found along the shoreline. 

If you are looking to create something new, you will have a very tough time doing so with old ingredients.

And if you don't fit the current mold of the world, good. Now that you have broken the mold you have all the permission and opportunity you need to make something new.