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Speed is Misleading

When I'm in town on the weekends, I like to go for a run on the trails nearby. For me, it's invigorating. Being out in nature, the change in the terrain, the ups and downs, nearly tripping over roots and rocks - I can't get enough of it.

I pass people as I run on the trails (and people pass me, too). These trails have runners, hikers, walkers, dogs - a whole host of people going at different speeds.

It's a good thing then that speed isn't how success is measured on the trails. The point of conquering your chosen path out there is by finishing.

Speed has no bearing on destination. Speed only gives you the measurement of a moment. Don't be fooled into thinking that if you're not going fast, you're not succeeding. 

Be more concerned with progress in your work and relationships than speed. Don't ask yourself, "Am I going fast enough?" Rather, ask "Am I headed in the right direction?"

Going fast but down the wrong road is a recipe for disaster. Better to be properly aimed and moving slowly. 

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