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How to Be Found

A lot of us may say we want to be "found." Maybe we want our talent to be discovered or to run into the person of our dreams or just be known for who we are deep inside.

The catch is that unless we're willing to be lost, we'll never be able to be found.

We need to get lost in our own talents and passions, losing track of time and crossing the country if need be in order to find the place where our deepest longings can meet the deep needs of the world. We need to lose ourselves in our art, our craft, our leadership potential, and our community. We need to get beyond the safe self we've been polishing for so long in order to get dirty by venturing out into the world.

We need to get lost in order to get found, and we need to get going in order to get lost.

No one was ever found by standing still and staying put.

It's time to get up and get going.

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