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How to Make Something Normal

Added on by Sam Davidson.

I average one new business start a year. 

This isn't normal for most people, but it is for me. The lifting off of a new business concept takes time, attention, energy, focus, drive, luck, and help. 

You may be an awesome singer. Or painter. Or triathlete, or cook, or knitter. I'm not. Those things aren't normal for me.

But each of us has made our particular craft our "normal" through focus and repetition. And there was a time where we did our craft for the first time.

And then we did it again. And again. And it became a habit. And now it's our normal.

So if you want a new normal, the only way to get there is to begin with what's not normal.

Embrace the not normal. You'll get used to it.

(Thanks for the idea and inspiration, Sarah.)

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